Audacious Aging

About the Editors

Stephanie Marohn, Principal Editor

The editor of Audacious Aging has been writing for decades. The author of seven books (including The Natural Medicine Guide to Autism, The Natural Medicine Guide to Bipolar Disorder, and Natural Medicine First Aid Remedies) and more than fifty magazine and newspaper articles, her work has also been included in poetry, prayer, and travel-writing anthologies. She is currently writing a novel, The Animal Messengers, about pivotal mystical events throughout human history as told by animals, and a nonfiction book, Crossroads and Awakenings, about how people come to spirituality.

In addition to her writing, she runs Angel Editing Services, specializing in the editing of nonfiction books on metaphysics, psychospirituality, natural medicine, and other alternative thought. She also operates the Animal Messenger Sanctuary, a safe haven for farm animals, and the Wonderlamb Shoppe, offering wool products from the sanctuary sheep. She is dedicated to a body-mind-spirit approach to all aspects of life as a way to tread lightly on the Earth and enhance human consciousness.

Born in Philadelphia, she attended high school in the Virgin Islands, college in New Hampshire and Wisconsin (earning a B.S. in dance therapy from UW-Madison), traveled the world, moved every year for a decade or so, has been calling the San Francisco Bay Area home since 1979, and now lives in rural Sonoma County north of the City. More at

Associate Editors

Isabelle St. Jean
Professional speaker, educator and consultant Isabelle St-Jean brings over twenty years of communication, self-leadership and personal effectiveness experience to her audiences. Through her work, she integrates leading edge ideas and tools from the fields of cognitive sciences, authentic leadership, organizational learning, philosophy and the science of human excellence. She is also a contributing editor to Einstein's Business (

Dawson Church
Dawson Church, PhD, has collaborated with many best-selling authors, including Larry Dossey, MD, Bernie Siegel, MD, Caroline Myss, PhD, Robert Kiyosaki, and Neale Donald Walsch. He founded Soul Medicine Institute to research and teach emerging psychological and medical techniques that can yield fast and radical cures. His book The Genie in Your Genes ( pioneers the field of Epigenetics, (control of genes from outside the cell), explaining the remarkable self-healing mechanisms now emerging from this science. He has also managed several health publishers, as former Publisher of Celebrity Press and CEO of Atrium Publisher's Group.